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Philosophy of life

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To us, freedom is real quality of life and we find it more important than security and a long life. Hence we "dropped out" 1999, at the age of 37 and 39 years respectively. Since then, we travel as na-tourists the world.

Rather short but intense: As long as we’re young and fit, we will enjoy our lives as full scale that we can take a pass with a smile on those years, when our body will be unable to do everything, our mind still wants to do.

To us, nudity is the most natural thing on earth. It promotes our well-being, self-esteem and creativity, whether we live it for ourselves, or within a community.

If we don’t trouble anybody, we like to take the freedom to break taboos to escape social-cultural restraints.

We would like to understand and not criticize what seems to be unusual to us.

We attain wisdom by mental growth and not by institutionalized religions, we believe in ourselves.

To have a sportive life in high spirits, we need neither alcohol nor nicotine; these are anyway just legalized drugs.

By admitting to our taboo-breaking philosophy of life, instead of living it out secretly, we gain even more self-satisfaction & happiness and moreover, we provide food for thought!

We live today so intensively that we can do without a tomorrow!

We could enjoy so much freedom at an early age - so far (2019) we could discover the world as globetrotters altogether for about a quarter of a century, including ~4½ previous years. Therefore, it is now irrelevant, whether we’ll reach retirement age – every day is a good day to live, every day is a good day to die; but principally, every further day is a gift.

We don’t fear death; we are even curious of the secret, it will reveal to us. Maybe it will even be our biggest blessing, and our most exciting voyage at the same time.

Last, but not least: Consciously, we confess to being naturists, also by publishing genuine naturist pictures of ourselves on this homepage. We feel completely contended, also without a stich on!
By contrast, the online communities’ sections "for friends only" are certainly ALIEN to our nature, as those hardly contain genuine naturist pictures, but rather attract a clientele keen to exchange kinky contents. Therefore, we use ONLY the photo-communities’ public sections. Whoever puts us as friend, or follows us, on a social network, will be BLOCKED!

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Even to us, it’s mind-boggling that now, mid-2018, more than 19 years have passed already, since we dropped-out at the age of 37, resp. 39. Since then, we travel as na-tourists slowly and joyfully to our favourite destinations around the globe. With such an exciting life, time naturally passes in a flash.

Often, we get asked how we finance our admittingly privileged life. In a nutshell: 1. we don’t have children, 2. we’ve exchanged security against freedom!

Sure enough, it needs also some seed capital. More by curiosity, we’ve started to invest a bit at the bourse when we worked again after our first trip together. At the end of the 90’s, the general outlook at the stock-exchange was that good, you could make good money, even with “bad investments”. Thanks to our saving determinedly, stock market gains, and sharing our apartment with flatmates, we’ve accumulated € 300’000 in fife years only. To exchange even more security into freedom, we’ve capitalized the second pillar of our pension funds, which yielded another € 80’000.

Now we were ready, chucked our jobs and exchanged the security of a regular life, against a life in unlimited freedom. Then we assumed our savings would last for about 12 years, maybe 14, if we’re lucky, or perhaps only 7, if things go wrong. We didn’t worry, as we knew, whatever we’d get, it will be plenty.

Instead of having spent all money for exaggerated security, we just enjoyed life and it still feels brilliant to have the benefit of our freedom, devil may care. As we live out every day to the fullest, we don’t miss out on anything we’d need to catch up on tomorrow. Thereby, it gets irrelevant whether there will be still another tomorrow!

At around 50, we’ve cancelled our health insurance. Meanwhile, we gape that some couples in Switzerland and Germany pay every year for their health insurance alone, as much as we spend for 12 months of travelling in comfort. Small “repairs” can be done cheaply all over the world, larger ones, we refuse. As we live an intense, great life, we consider it more natural to accept cancer or other diseases that lead into an impasse, such as they are: deadly.

In 2012, it didn’t look as if our funds would last for only 7, 12 or 14 years, but even for 16 years, more than we had ever hoped for. Maybe it’s law of nature: if you don’t worry, destiny rewards you with a particularly great deal and it got even better! About a year before all our resources would have been used up, we could, totally unlooked for, inherit. That way, our nest egg accumulated again up to about the same size as it was when we had dropped out in 1999.

It seems, we have hit the jackpot. We feel affirmed: it’s not worth worrying. Come what may, there is always an appropriate solution, it’s only a question of our mindset. Therefore, we enjoy our life even more intensely and spoil ourselves with even more extravaganza, like for example the South-Pacific trip in 2017.

Someday, our nest egg will collapse. Perhaps, destiny incites again somebody (you?) to feed our travel account, but perhaps by then it will just be time to go on our last journey…


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