Despite the current Corona Tragedy, or hysteria respectively, it is interesting to know that around the year 1820, Europe’s average life-expectancy was ~36 (the lowest in Spain and the highest in Sweden). Back then, a Japanese new-born could expect to live 34 years. Around 1800, the average life expectancy (at the time of birth) was globally at most 30 years, unusually 35 years. And that’s only 200 years ago!

It’s also interesting to know that according to the UN, in 2019, a new-born earthling had an average life-expectancy of 72.6 years. It’s also interesting to know that the Italian Corona-Victims died at an average age more than 80 years (80,3). Except 0.8%, ALL had at least one, in average even 2,7 serious pre-existing conditions. In Switzerland, the Corona victims had even reached an average age of 85 years.

During the three months from January 1, 2020 to March 31, the statistic of worldwide deaths and births looks as follows:

About 35 Million babies were born
About 15 Million people have died

        resulting in a demographic growth of almost 20 Million people in only 3 months

The 15 Million deceased fell victim to:

-       About 120,000 died of influenza

-       About 245,000 died of Malaria

-       About 210,000 died of contaminated water

-       About 265,000 committed Suicide

-       About 335,000 died on road accidents

-       About 420,000 died of HIV/AIDS

-       About 0,6 Million died of Alcohol

-       About 1,25 Million died of smoking

-       Almost 2 Million died of cancer

-       About 2.25 Million died of hunger

-       About 3,25 Million died of communicable disease


-       About 75,000 mothers died while giving birth

-       More than 1,9 Million children died under the age of 5 years

-       About 10,5 Million abortions were conducted


-       Finally, about 42,000, predominantly elderly people with serious pre-existing conditions died during this year’s first three months of Coronavirus COVID-19!

Seeing these numbers, we feel that the cost for the corona shut down might exceed its advantages by far. It’s not about shareholder value, it’s about dozens of millions workless. Even wealthy companies can’t afford to employ thousands of people on the long run, if there is no work. There are just too many countries without an adequate social security system.

Even by far worse are the social costs. If this insanity isn’t stopped soon, psychiatrists and psychotherapist will be burdened with work and society gets busy to bury those who committed suicide. That the shut-down with home quarantine brings good business to the divorce-lawyers, has already proven in China – only days after easing the restrictions, they were booked for month!

Older people lose their motivation to live, if they lose their favourite pastime, because the shop where they buy what it needs for, had to close. Loneliness can also lead to premature death.

Even if more than half a million people should die in the end, from the immune deficiency caused by the coronavirus, this will hardly be noticeable in the statistics at the end of the year. Every year, well over 50 million people die worldwide (2017: 56 Million); in addition, the next heat wave or flu epidemic will result in significantly fewer deaths.

Surely, every death is one too much, though, the wildlife and the indigenous people understand it already for a long time: The herd remains only strong and capable of surviving, if they leave the weakest behind!

Probably, if the Chinese would have realized how relatively harmless the new virus is, they would have introduced more subtle measures, but after SARS, they prepared for the worst.

Even before globalisation, diseases did spread around our globe. Birds are not affected by closed borders and transportation links. In comparison to the last major global disease, the socalled Spanish flu, COVID-19 is relatively harmless - it might be the reaction of our societies that cause most harm!

A friend of ours did put it straight: “I’m just asking myself, whether there is too much hysteria. It's just a fact, once a while, the earth cleans it selves with a disease. As our medicine improved, at least in Europe, there was none for a good while – but mother nature is catching up and a natural selection should be. Otherwise, the weakest will survive and beget children.”

English friends of ours, he is around 80y, and she had an extensive cancer surgery last year, went with their wise statement even one step further: “Although it sounds morally reprehensible, resources would be more effectively deployed supporting the young who will be the future. Huge amounts are being spent on protecting the vulnerable, but by comparison, this will only marginally make a difference.”

We don’t fear the Coronavirus COVID-19, if we belong to the unlucky few percent, bad luck – we had our lives and lived them to the full!

However, we hope you belong to the lucky ones, having many more years, rumbling around the world and enjoying life…

© April 2020 Brigitte & Heinz