We are naturists because ...

Because our body is something entirely natural and we accept it just the way we got it from mother nature.

Because the pleasure of being nude liberates us from our acquired inhibitions.

Because the bare facts don't hide anything, although this can lead to disappointment for those accustomed to having their fantasies inspired by sophisticated beach fashion. It's interesting to see the variety of bodies, from young to old, and to realize that all have a beauty of their own, even though few match the 'ideal' suggested by advertisements. The main point is that one accepts oneself and others just the way we all are, and we believe that this is a strong point of naturists. The saying goes "clothes make the man", but are we only someone if we do wear something?

Because our birthday-suit is not only much more comfortable, it is also more beautiful and cheaper than any other garment. We do not need designer wear to improve our self-confidence, clothing just hides our own beauty!

Because it's just wonderful to feel the sun, the water and the air unhindered on our skin, whilst enjoying the calm and beauty of nature. To us, this is an important part of the joy of life.

Because social nudity requires mutual respect and therefore produces a positive and tolerant conduct towards others.

Because at naturist-resorts, quite often very far reaching conversations develop, be it with long-time friends or complete strangers. Possibly one does subconsciously take off more than just ones clothes and one can therefore speak more openly. Those who have the self-confidence to show their bodies, also often have the honesty to open their inner selves. In any case, we have found that naturists generally think more open mindedly and reveal more of themselves than average people do. Could it be that naturists questioned the taboos and guidelines of todays society and deliberately chose their own path?

Because "au naturel" no sand sticks between our bum, the entire body quickly dries after bathing, no sunburned rims appear, nothing pinches and one sweats less because the entire body can breathe unhindered.

Because we are very often out in the fresh air in our birthday suits, we feel physically and mentally fit and well-balanced. In this way naturism inspires us to many activities, spiritually and bodily, which advance our creativity.

Because we wanted to experience our own freedom. We feel better towards others, because we are at one with ourselves. This freedom must be experienced, you cannot just "imagine" it.

Because the following thesis of the international naturist federation matches with our philosophy of life "Naturism is a lifestyle in harmony with nature, expressed through social nudity, and characterised by self-respect, respect for people with different opinions and for the environment."

Because we also agree with the following thesis of the internat. naturist movement: "Comprehensive nudity is the best approach to effect a return to nature. Without any doubt, it is naturism’s most noticeable feature, though it’s not the only one. This comprehensive nudity is a great leveller, freeing people from the internal tensions generated by the taboos and the provocations of contemporary society, and pointing to a healthier and more humane way of life."

Because those who think just the sight of a naked person would sexually arouse them, are wrong. In reality, it’s rather the contrary. Excitement is created by what you think you might see; if that little sexy shaped piece of textile would be gone... However, if you see it all, there is no room for imagination! The so-called perfect bodies are unmasked as pure illusion, created by advertisements! You just see the bare (plain) human being. As nothing is hidden outside, naturally, your interest is diverted to the person’s inside. As you neither need to waste energy in worrying about your own beauty, nor in imagining how beautiful others might be, you retain the power to open your inner self. To us, this is one of the main benefits of naturism: nudity becomes so natural that a human being’s bare body get’s totally irrelevant; it’s just the inside that gets all the attention...

On a warm day out in the nature or on the beach, it's more fun just in the birthday-suit, it's more comfortable, more natural and even more healthy!

already Michelangelo said:
What spirit is so empty and blind, that it cannot recognize the fact that the foot is more noble than the shoe, and skin more beautiful than the garment with which it is clothed?

Curious about more naturism?

not really...

We undress ourselves;
not just take off our clothes,
there is more to it than that...

© Brigitte & Heinz