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(Conditions: Summer 2022, (alterations always possible!) )

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Malaysia: Upside Down House in Kuala Lumpur
2 / 27
Austria: Hochtannbergpass - Vorarlberg
3 / 27
France: Île Renote - Côte de Granit Rose
4 / 27
France: Gorges de l’Ardèche
5 / 27
Sweden: on Lake Vänern
6 / 27
Norway: in front of holiday cottage on Balsfjord
7 / 27
Finland: in front of holiday cottage Ukkohalla
8 / 27
Sweden: Köpmannebro
9 / 27
France: Atlantic-Beach at ARNA / Arnaoutchot
10 / 27
Malaysia: Icetea in Penang
11 / 27
Singapore: in front of Marina Bay Sands
12 / 27
Australia: Sydney Opera House
13 / 27
Australia: Petrified-Forest, Cape Bridgewater (VIC)
14 / 27
Australia: Wave Rock, Hyden (WA)
15 / 27
New Zealand: Indian restaurant in Auckland
16 / 27
Chile: Lagunas Escondidas de Baltinache
17 / 27
Easter island: Moai quarry Rano-Raraku
18 / 27
French Polynesia: Raiatea / Society islands
19 / 27
French Polynesia: Tikehau / Tuamotu Archipelago
20 / 27
Croatia: Valalta / Rovinj
21 / 27
Italy: in front of the leaning tower of Pisa
22 / 27
Netherlands: Tulip fields near Burgerbrug
23 / 27
Greenland: in front of Ilulissat Kangerlua
24 / 27
Namibia: Sossusvlei dunes
25 / 27
South Africa: Restaurant in Cape Town
26 / 27
New Zealand: Moeraki Boulders
27 / 27
New Zealand: in front of Café Eutopia in Kaiwaka

We wish everybody a good start into the New Year

 From France we wish everybody a good start into the New Year

We wish everybody a good start into the New Year

All's well that ends well or lived to death instead of worked till we dropped dead:

After three decades as permanent globe­trotters (over 25 consecutive years, plus 5 previous years), we went on our last journey in summer 2024. This was the culmination of our heart's project, which was born in 1993 during our first trip around the world together, on an idyllic nudist site in New Zealand: to develop a financial cushion in the shortest possible time, in order to travel the world in our young years instead of working, and forgoing aging in return.

What we then, in our early-30s, still considered cheeky and a little courageous, soon turned out to be the best decision; it exceeded our wildest expectations by far. Our bold decision to change life to “short but intense” gave our already very privileged life even more pep and joie de vivre, as you can read in detail on this website.

After about 1½ years of solo backpacking, we met 1990 through an advertisement in Globetrotter magazine and fell in love. Only eight months later, we set off on our first trip around the world together. It lasted a good 2½, very enriching years. We soon realized that this was just the beginning. So, we came to realize that it would be better to live ourselves to death instead of working ourselves to death.

After a short work intermezzo, we were already able to chuck our jobs forever at the young age of 37 and 39 respectively. From our 34 years together, we hardly worked 6 years (actually, not even 5, as we allowed ourselves generous holidays every year).

For around 30 years, we were able to enjoy traveling the world instead of working (of it 28 ½ years together, of that over 25 consecutive travel-years). Thereby, we were getting to know old and new cultures, unbelievably diverse land- and seascapes, refined culinary delights and idyllic naturist places - truly a lifelong dream lived out.

It was an extraordinarily enriching privilege to invest our entire savings (including pension plan), during our best decades, into timeless and priceless experiences, we would not have traded for any money in the world. It was a real treat to discover 6 continents, 77 countries, 35 Pacific islands, as well as parts of Greenland and some of the most impressive islands in the North Atlantic, with so much time.

After our almost lifelong globetrotter-lives, we, Brigitte (1962 - 2024) & Heinz (1959 - 2024), have now peacefully fallen asleep forever with a smile on our faces. We were more convinced than ever that it was the perfect decision for us to fully enjoy the decades before reaching retirement age, instead of working. For so much freedom and enjoyment, as well as the countless priceless and inspiring experiences, we were happy to forego the phase of senescence. The precious memories of our diverse travel life were the only luggage for our final journey. On the other hand, we were able to gratefully leave behind all the emerging complaints of old age, as well as a world, which is becoming more and more divided by ruthless populists and self-proclaimed patriots.

In comparison to what we have experienced, moving from this world to the afterlife before the age of 65, is a ridiculously small price that we were happy to pay. After almost 30 very rewarding years without working, we do not want to swap places with our contemporaries who are eagerly awaiting their retirement with a thousand ideas, only to find that their health will soon no longer be able to do everything their heads have imagined so beautifully. We, on the other hand, perceive it as liberating to give up the years with increasing age-related problems.

Our life’s motto, “rather short but intense”, is certainly not to everyone's taste. To us, however, the decision was spot on; we would do it again in a heartbeat. Fortune smiled upon us indeed!

Apropos: Despite all the tragedy in Ukraine - you should never forget that Putin, like many other populists and despots, initially came to power through a democratic election. So, in the next elections, do not vote for those who spread angst and fear of everything unfamiliar and unknown by use of simple words for simple citizen’s just to tout votes...

We take it easy to the end.

We just sit back and digest the experiences of our almost lifelong trip around the world - soon it's just memories; we are excited to see what is to come, the end is near, but we have no regrets, it was just great!

In the meantime, we have arrived in the afterlife and now we know, whether there is life after death – we may tell you, if we find internet access...

Currently, we're on the road in France....

Currently, we're travelling from Germany to Austria ....

Currently, we're on the road in Germany....

Currently, we're on the road in Austria....

Currently, we're travelling from France to Germany ....

Currently, we're visiting some of our favourite Naturist Sites in France....

Currently, we're in the Netherlands ....

Currently, we're travelling around Europe:

Travelling around Europe from the South-West to the East.

Right now, we are in Asia. We discovered so far the region of Indochina and enjoy beforhand, afterwards and in between Thailand's beaches. If you feel in the mood and are mentally ready for a journey to Asia we can meet there.

Right now, we are in Switzerland, where we stay until about the begining of December.

Right now, we are on the way to AUSTRALIA. See the details to your left and below.

Right now, we live again nude and natural at Europe's nicest naturist grounds, just enjoying "vivre nu et manger bien".

Our last Stages

June 2024

May 2024

  • 12. We celebrate our 25th travel anniversary: that's how long we continuously discover the world already.
  • 04. - 25. Oasis, Village Naturiste in Port Leucate

April 2024

March 2024

  • 10.02. - 23.03. Holiday-cottage in Aubignan north of Carpentras (Vaucluse)

February 2024

  • 13.01 - 10.02 Holiday rental in Sanary-sur-Mer west of Toulon (Var)

January 2024

  • 03.12.2023 - 13.01.2024 Holiday rental in Saint-Andiol near Saint-Rémy (Arles - Provence)

December 2023

  • 03.12.2023 - 13.01.2024 Holiday rental in Saint-Andiol near Saint-Rémy (Arles - Provence)
  • 02. - 03. Rodez (Aveyron - Occitanie)

November 2023

  • 16.10. - 02.12. Holiday-cottage in Allemans near Ribérac (Nouvelle-Aquitaine)

October 2023

September 2023

August 2023

  • 19.08. - 09.09. Holiday rental in Vandans (Montafon - Vorarlberg)
  • 19. Via Lech and Arlberg to the Montafon Valley
  • 19. Via Ottobeuren and Oberstaufen to Austria
  • 18. - 19. Memmingen (Swabia - Bavaria)
  • 18. Via Cantons of Appenzell Inner- & Outer-Rhodes to Germany
  • 03. - 18. Visit to Heinz' sister and brother-in-law, Short visits to other friends and relatives
  • 03. Onwards via Germany (Schopfheim) to Switzerland
  • 31.07. - 03.08. Holiday rental in Meyenheim (Haut-Rhin - Elsass)

July 2023

  • 31. Onwards to France's Alsace region
  • 10. - 31. Holiday rental in Münchweiler an der Rodalb (Rheinland-Pfalz)
  • 10. - Via Alsace (F) to Rheinland-Pfalz
  • 09. - 10. Zell am Harmersbach (Black Forest-Baden-Württemberg)
  • 09. - Via Konstanz to Germany
  • 03. - 09. Switzerland: Escholzmatt and quick visits to Brigitte' mother as well as Andrea & Peter in St. Gallen country
  • 02. - 03. Pontarlier (Jura / Bourgogne-Franche-Comté)
  • 01. - 02. Bourgoin-Jallieu (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes)

June 2023

May 2023

April 2023
  • The End
  • 04. - 29. Domaine naturiste Le Couderc near Naussannes
  • 05. - 06. - Overnight trip Gujan Mestras: Dune de Pilat, Biscarrosse Plage
  • 03. - 04. Saintes (Charente-Maritime)
  • 02. - 03. La Turballe [Saint-Nazaire] (Loire-Atlantique)

March 2023

  • 18.03. - 02.04. Holiday-cottage in Plomodiern [Crozon] (Finistère - Brittany)

February 2023

  • 18.02. - 18.03. Holiday-cottage in Kerlouan (Finistère - Brittany)

January 2023

  • 07.01. - 18.02. Holiday-cottage in Trélévern (Côtes-d’Armor - Brittany)
  • 06. - 07. Laval (Pays de la Loire)
  • 30.12.2022 - 06.01.2023. Holiday-cottage in Saint-Claude-de-Diray (Centre-Val de Loire)

December 2022

  • 22. - 30. Holiday-cottage in Bourbon-l'Archambault (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes)
  • 13.11. - 22.12. Holiday-cottage in Le Malzieu-Ville (Lozère)

November 2022

  • 12. - 13. Saint-Just-sur-Viaur (Aveyron)

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